Local Colour-Cover final-lrJoin the colouring craze and learn a little about beautiful Adelaide and surrounds while you explore your creativity in bringing each of these intricate drawings to life with colour.

More than simply a colouring book, Local Colour – Adelaide explores many of the things and places that make Adelaide unique.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s the ideal way to while away a few long lazy holiday afternoons, or to unwind and de-stress after a busy day. Lose yourself in an intricate web of Adelaide icons, in the branches of a jacaranda, diving under the ocean or wandering the banks of the Torrens. The completed coloured images make a perfect gift for overseas friends. Then again, they will probably want a copy of their own to colour from scratch . . .

Also includes postcard versions of the illustrations, ready to colour and send.

32 pages, 297 x 360 soft cover.

$24.99 plus $10 postage and handling within Australia.


For 2 to 10 copies, postage and handling is a flat $15. Contact me if you’d like more than 3 copies and I’ll send you an invoice.

2 booksLocal-Colour---paypal-button

3 booksLocal-Colour---paypal-button




The Mid-Autumn Festival is Mei-Ling’s favourite celebration. She is looking forward to taking part in a lantern parade with all her friends. But what type of lantern will she choose? Mei-Ling is determined to have the most beautiful lantern in the whole parade! While Mei-Ling searches for the most beautiful lantern, she learns about some of the legends and traditions that are behind the Festival and the way it is celebrated today. Soft cover. $16.95*

Written by Myra Lim-Hurt, All That I Am, is a contemplation of life by a young girl, using all her senses.  Soft cover. $15.00*

Sarah hadn’t wanted to come to Australia. She’d been perfectly happy with things as they were in Singapore, where school was for learning, and ‘being cool’ was a non-issue. Now Dad was trying his best to make her into a ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie while Mum was determined to hang on to all the old Chinese traditions. As if the kids Sarah’s new school didn’t have enough to give her a hard time about. And that wasn’t all … When Sarah first started hearing voices she knew that she must be losing the plot. Who was Pei? What did she have to do with the first Chinese arrivals in Adelaide in 1847? It all began with the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts . . .  Hungry Ghosts is Sally’s first novel. $14.95*

In India Kaleidoscope, students can venture across India with Jack, an Australian boy who describes his own experiences in this rich and diverse nation. Through Jack’s narratives, and those of other children he meet there, fact files and hands-on activities, students discover some of the similarities and differences between Australia and modern India. The book looks at culture and identity, the arts, society, economics and politics.  $42.95*

China is a vast country steeped in tradition. It has the largest population in the world and has a fascinating history, culture and geography. Key into China offers interesting and exciting ways for students to build higher-order thinking skills, while developing deeper understandings of the ideas and values of this country. $39.95*

Key into Indonesia is a collection of information and activities that provide students and teachers with insight into this fascinating country. Students gain an understanding of Indonesia’s diversity through investigations into its culture, environment, traditions and language. $39.95*

Japan is a land full of contrasts and extremes, rich with traditions and beliefs, yet one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Key into Japan offers interesting and exciting ways for students to build higher-order thinking skills, while developing deeper understandings of the ideas and values of the country. $39.95*

*Free postage within Australia. Please contact me for international postage.

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